Great response to our newsletter

We’re working our way through the first responses to our newsletter. So far, around 60 people have been in touch to offer support, offer donations or get involved as a volunteer at the library or a trustee for the charity.

We’ll respond to everyone who gets in touch but, in case you’re wondering…

  • if you have items to donate (books, CDs etc) please hang on to them for now. We don’t have day to day access to the library and have nowhere to store donations. Please DON’T leave items on the library steps…
  • Volunteers will be needed in the library but haven’t yet finalised that part of the plan. Please sign up using the ‘get involved’ tab above and we’ll be in touch when we’ve got a better idea.
  • Trustee offers are coming in and so we’ve agreed to hold an informal ‘open evening’ or ‘drop in’ event for those who are interested – this will probably be in January. Again, use the ‘get involved’ tab above.
  • Some great ideas (and requests) for using the community space are also being received. We haven’t yet agreed the schedule of hire charges but will keep a list of all enquiries.

Thanks to everyone for your interest and support for this project!

Our first newsletter is out now…

Over the next few weeks, almost 10,000 homes in our area will receive the first edition of our newsletter – all being delivered by 70 fab volunteers. Thanks to everyone who is helping us in this way.

We know there’s lots of interest in the library and, while we can’t yet answer the ‘when’, our newsletter does give some information on the who, why and where.

A special thanks also to local resident Nikki Anderson for designing the newsletter and to the Wallasey Village Library Friends for the generous donation that paid for it.

We’ll be posting regular updates on this website and our Facebook page.