The library will be fully stocked and, in our business plan, we have included a ‘book fund’ to ensure new titles and editions are added to our stock.

We also managed to ‘rescue’ many of the books that were previously in the library and these have been included in the transfer of the stock to us.

The library area will be refurbished, with additional shelving and ‘pods’ for people who want to read or work from their laptop.

Like the rest of the building, the library will have fast broadband available.

Our current plan will have self checkout of books, but with volunteers on hand to help and advise borrowers.

When we’ve opened, donations of books, CD’s and DVD’s will be gratefully received.

Donations from the community saves precious resources in buying them.

Q- What condition of the books do you want? 

A – We are a library!  Donated books need to be of good quality to be useful.

One guideline is whether YOU  would borrow it! If in doubt please ask first!

Q –  When can I bring books?  

A – You can bring books at any time we are open

Q – What do you do with donated items? 

A – We have a little team dedicated to sorting out all the donations.

Those for the library collection go on the shelves ( either as new or to replace a “tired book”),  others are kept for the next sale seller. 

Q – What type of books? 

A- All TYPES and Genres of  book – (fiction or non fiction, adult or children) .

DVDs or CDs are always welcome

Q – Do you collect?

A – We would if we had willing volunteers!  If you can help, please let us know.

At the moment, however, we cannot offer this service.

Please do NOT give us the following:

  • Old Newspapers
  • Books in poor condition, incomplete, dirty or mouldy ( you would be disappointed at the items sometimes dumped on us) .
  • Encyclopaedia sets and dictionaries – Sadly, here is no longer any demand as it is all on the internet
  • Magazines in poor condition
  • School text books
  • Music scores
  • Foreign language books
  • Audio cassettes
  • Video cassettes – VHS tapes
  • Toys
  • Clothes

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    • Great, thanks Sue. As soon as we have a date when we get the keys, we’ll start collecting – until then, we don’t have access to the library to store them there.

  1. I am currently t am currently sorting through my books, have many in excellent condition from fictional to cook books. Will put these asides for when donations maybe made

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